Google Earth

Download the latest version – now with incredible sky images. Short video here. The lastest version comes with a flight simulator!

Take virtual tours around the world

It’s the planet inside your PC; an atlas, encyclopedia and flight simulator, all rolled into one. Just point and zoom to any place you want to explore. Cities, mountains, and valleys are depicted in high-resolution 3D, along with related information.

Find local information and plan trips

Search for local businesses, and get driving directions. Results are shown on-screen. You can easily layer multiple searches, save results to folders, and share placemarks with others.

Explore multimedia content

Find rich multimedia information from the web community and popular sources like National Geographic. Explore the left sidebar and look for the Geographic Web and Featured Content layers as well as layers for 3D buildings, parks, schools, hospitals, airports, shops and more.

Share information about your travels

Placemark places you have visited, then share them with friends. Google Earth lets you add tons of information to placemarks, for example – photos, notes, restaurant reviews and more. View thousands of such data points created by other Google Earth users, using .KML, the Google Earth file format. Product Page

The Official User Guide

Explore popular places

The Google Earth Community

Learn about the basics. Check out the  Google Earth Blog.

Google Earth Hacks

Using Google Earth in the Classroom

Google Earth in the Classroom Wikispace has a large range of spectacular

The Google Eath Users Guide: A project funded by the Royal Geographical Society (with IBG) with an Innovative Geography Teaching Grant to develop teaching ideas for using Google Earth in the Geography classroom.

NZ links from ZNO

Google Earth Crib Sheet

Using Google Maps in the classroom