Latest Links

You can use Kahoot to create a quick digital quiz or survey to see how your students are doing in a particular aspect of their learning.

Thinglink is a great way to add links to a photograph. Use it  to explain an image or drawing, to create a multi-dimensional learning map or tell a story. It works with all up to date browsers as well as on iDevices and Androids.

Wonderopolis is a site designed to “help you find learning moments in everyday life”. There are some interesting answers to some of life’s big wonders – like why do you need your toes?

The Flocabulary YouTube channel has some fun raps that maybe useful for introducing some ideas. Check out Aiko the Seal for a catchy rap and dance, their Ode to Librarians at library time or the Top Ten Reasons to Code!

Historypin mashes up Google Maps and historical photos and personal recollections. The site is a treasure trove of wonderful then and now pictures. In some cases the photos are pinned to Google Street View so that users can see exactly how a contemporary scene looked years ago.

The site includes a toolkit so that schools can explore what is out there as well as contribute to the wonderful resource.

Symphony of Science is a website designed to “deliver scientific knowledge and philosophy in musical form.” With songs, videos and remixes available for download and viewing online, this site has lots of great fun content.

Symphony of Science

Symphony of Science YouTube Channel

The Scale of the Universe is an amazing piece of work which just has to go on the biggest screens – zoom into the tiniest particles then zoom out to the whole universe. Hard to explain – you just need to take a look!

The Scale of the Universe

The rest of the hTwin’s website looks like it is worth exploring as well!

Take a look at the 100 Top Tools for Learning! This list was compiled “from the votes of 1,038 learning professionals from 61 countries worldwide”. There is sure to be something that you will find interesting.

The Interesting Ways Series looks at was to use things like Google Docs, Google Earth, etc in the classroom. The ideas are crowd sourced and have been tested in classrooms around the world

The International Children’s Library has eBooks from all over the world – including New Zealand. Search for books in te reo M?ori for your classroom! I also found Niuean, Samoan, Tongan and Rarotongan/Cook Islands M?ori books. Some lanuages have only one book, but it’s a resource to know about!

One of the easiest word cloud sites out there is the one at The site does require that your Flash is up to date but that’s often easier than updating Java!

Science Bob’s Science Fair Site has some excellent ideas for your next science fair!  is a site which allows you to show YouTube videos without all the distractions that the main site has.

Inklewriter is a site which helps you put together interactive or pick a path type stories. The e-books that you create can even be published and read on a Kindle or Kindle App.

Every Last Drop is a British website designed to show how much water a person uses each day of their life. It’s very cool and there is lots to talk about.